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Friday, December 12, 2008

Registration Date

Last date for registration of CSS - 2009 is 1st Jan 2009. Exam starts on 14th of March 2009. If anyone is interested, hurry up. :)
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First thing about CSS Exam !

The first thing one should know for the preparation of CSS is how to attempt paper. This is not like an ordinary exam in schools, colleges and Universities and we have to learn the techniques to pass this exam.

So many candidates have enough knowledge or I must say that more knowledge than is required to pass the CSS exam but they fail becuase of the fact that they don't express their knowledge in the way it should be.
In a paper of any subject of CSS exam most often we are asked about our own thinking of the topic and secondly about the applicability of the topic. For example if we are attempting sociology paper in any other univerisity exam we may be asked that "What is culture? What are the different constituents and characterisitics of culture?" 
In this question we present our cramed bookish knowledge and we pass the paper with A grade but this is not the case with CSS exam. In CSS we may be asked like this "What is culture? What are the different characteristics of Pakistani culture?" Now in this paper we have to define culture but the only part of definition is from book. We have to discuss Traits, Complexes and Institutions only fromPakistani culture in 90% of the answer. In other words we have to apply all our knowledge about culture on Pakistani culture and derive our answer from our knowledge. Remember we don't have to discuss it in general but specifically to the one asked which is "Pakistani Culture".

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